Raseel Project

Motivated by the same needs driving the efforts of supporting Arabic domain names, CITC represented by SaudiNIC and KACST represented by the Computer Research Institute have lunched a pilot project ( Raseel  - رسيل ) for email with fully Arabic addresses.
The goal of this project is to develop a web based Arabic Email system that allows users to obtain Arabic Email addresses and use them to communicate in the same way as the regular Email .
( Raseel – رسيل  )  is the first deliverable resulting from the agreement the was signed between the tow entities with the goal of conducting several research and development projects exploring the challenges and possible solutions in the way of adapting Arabic domains in practical tools and services after the official support of them.
the project team successfully completed all the technical requirements of the project and lunched the online web email system supporting fully Arabic domain names, also a dedicated website was lunched ( رسيل.السعودية  ) to be the official reference of the project and the main communication getaway with the users.
The project team has also managed to successfully develop a plug-in that is used to correctly display and handle Arabic domain names in the popular mail client ( MS Outlook – versions 2007 and 2010 ) .
A focus grope of selected participants from CITC,KACST and other national and international entities were invited to test the system and the plug-in and provide feedback on the system.
All the systems were developed using free/open source systems and were hosted locally. all the work was done by CITC staff participating in the project .